Nature in Barcombe Parish

Out and About

Local resident and ornithologist Simon Linington has produced really well-illustrated records of the birds, butterflies and dragonflies seen in the parish, while Janet and Clive Dickson have done the same for moths.

If you're even remotely interested in what flies, flaps and flits in and around our greenery and waters, do explore the links below – you won't be disappointed!


Covering the two decades between 1999 and 2019, this record details resident, migratory and escapee species and includes historical data from outside sources.

View or download Wildlife of Barcombe Parish - Birds


An astonishing 35 species of butterfly are known to have been seen in Barcombe Parish. All but two are detailed in the record below, which covers the last 20 years.

View or download Wildlife of Barcombe Parish - Butterflies


Can you tell a dragonfly from a damselfly, or know the best spots to see either? Discover more about the 24 species seen locally...

View or download Wildlife of Barcombe Parish - Dragonflies


Perhaps hard to believe, but 233 species of moth were recorded in Church Road during 2007. Not convinced? Then check the link below for the background, the data and for many fine pictures.

View or download Wildlife of Barcombe Parish – Moths

Spithurst Churchyard

Volunteers were busy improving the wildlife potential of the churchyard during 2019. Simon Linington has produced a pictorial record of the plants and animals found in the first season's work. Interesting in itself, and a useful yardstick to judge future improvement.

View or download Improving Spithurst Churchyard for wildlife

Wildlife sightings from a Barcombe garden

From Nightingale song to Things That Go Bump In The Day, Simon Linington's diary of wildlife seen and heard in (and from) his garden will serve as a lasting record made in strange times.

View or download Wildlife sightings from a Barcombe garden during government restrictions

Still to come – The Wild Higher Plants of Barcombe