Walking Group

Barcombe Walking Group (previously Barcombe Footpaths Society)

The Footpaths Society began in the early 1990s. It was originally formed as a means of providing labour to clear and maintain the parish footpaths, which were in a poor state of repair at that time. Once the footpaths had been improved and clearly marked with yellow signs, it was decided that the best way to keep them clear was by regular use.

The tradition of an organised walk on the first Sunday of each month quickly became established and several of the original group still walk regularly. Any damaged stiles or overgrown paths reported to us are quickly dealt with, and in recent years the County Council has also replaced many of the stiles. The footpaths are now good and well used; this has enabled us to venture further afield for our walks, enjoying the excellent countryside our county has to offer.

Recent walks have been in the Plumpton area and Wolstonbury Hill. In December we abandoned any idea of walking over waterlogged fields and enjoyed a walk around Lewes looking at weathervanes.

Anyone is welcome to join us on the walks, which are advertised in the Barcombe News and in the Parish Pump section of the Sussex Express.

Contact us

Please see the back page of the Barcombe News for contact details.