Barcombe Art Group

We meet on Thursday mornings in the Sports Pavilion, between 9.30 and noon, for coffee and art. An untutored group, we draw, paint and share encouragement, ideas and artsy chat about what we have done and seen art-wise. We visit exhibitions from time to time, and had a very successful exhibition in 2019, and regularly show or work at work at village events.

We are at all levels from “I cannot draw’ to professional artists, sharing the act of creating at every level.

The act of drawing has been shown to lift your mood, boost creativity and encourage self-reflection, help with anxiety and even improve memory, and you might be surprised to discover how soothing and enjoyable it is.

Do come along and give it a go – you can just drop in!


Jackie Rowland: 07973 197502, or email [email protected]