How to comment, general guidance

Who handles AND DECIDES planning applications?

As Barcombe parish is outside the South Downs National Park, planning applications are dealt with by the Planning and Building Control section of Lewes District Council (LDC). Professional Planning Officers review each application. They may then deal with it internally under their delegated powers, or refer it the LDC's Planning Committee. This consists of elected District Councillors. A Planning Office makes a recommendation to the Planning Committee, then the application is decided by committee vote. The Committee may or may not follow the Officer's recommendation.

As part of the process Barcombe Parish Council is notified at an early stage of most - but not all - applications in the parish, and is invited to comment. Although not required to do so, a Barcombe councillor usually visits neighbouring properties to canvass opinion.

The Parish Council holds Planning meetings as required. Documents detailing each application (plans, supporting evidence, etc) are circulated, a discussion follows and a vote is taken. The outcome - whether to support or oppose the application - is passed to LDC, together with the PC's reasons. This information is taken into account by the Planning Officer when forming a view.. but the Parish Council cannot decide the application - only LDC can do that.

How to FIND, VIEW AND comment on planning applicationS

The planning process is transparent. The details of an application and its progress through the system is public, as are planning meetings both at District and Parish level.

There are several ways to learn of new applications in your area.

  • Watch for a notice. LDC posts notice of every planning application in a visible place at the site.
  • Watch the Parish Council notice board in the High Street car park. New applications are posted there.
  • Watch the local press. Applications affecting a Listed Building appear in the Sussex Express.
  • Visit LDC's offices in Southover House, Southover Road, Lewes.
  • Use the Internet. LDC's website carries full details of new applications and those in progress. By registering online and then setting search criteria, you can be notified of new applications as they appear and/or track existing ones. For a guide on how to negotiate LDC's site please see below.

How to view an application online

If you would like to comment on an application there are also alternatives.

  • Make your comment to Lewes District Council

Over the Internet: Find the application online as detailed above. Click the ‘Make a Comment’ box on the right side of the ‘Planning >> Application Summary’ page.

By letter: Write to Planning and Building Control, Lewes District Council, Southover House, Lewes BN7 1AB.

  • Make your comment to Barcombe Parish Council

Over the Internet: Email the Parish Clerk - [email protected]

By letter: Write to The Parish Clerk, Upper Morgans, Shortbridge Road, Piltdown TH22 3XA

Or just speak to any Councillor!

Note: Only some factors can be taken into account when a planning application is assessed. Lewes District Council has guidelines - please see below.

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