The Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Planning and Barcombe

A Central Government initiative encourages communities to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NP). Such a document sets out to shape development - including housing - in a parish or town. If approved by a majority of parish residents in a referendum and subsequently by the relevant District Council, a Neighbourhood Plan becomes a statutory document: it has force in law. While an approved Neighbourhood Plan cannot be ignored by a District Council, it must align with, and is subservient to, higher-order Plans such as Lewes District Council's Local Plan.

Note: while a NP can seek to influence the type of housing and its location, it cannot block housing development.

Barcombe Parish Council watched with interest as other Councils worked through their NPs, then in 2014 took the first steps towards developing its own. As documents become available they will be listed on this site - the home page has links.

Parish maps — including the Planning Boundary for Barcombe Cross — are here.