Clerk and Councillors

Parish Clerk and RFO*

Julia Shelley

Upper Morgans

Shortbridge Road

Piltdown TN22 3XA

01825 766356, [email protected]

* Responsible Financial Officer


Alan Marler

North Mongers Farm

Mongers Lane


01273 400220, [email protected]


Christine Arbenz

Stepney Farm House

High Street, Barcombe

BN8 5BB, 01273 400352

Jackie Cornwell


Barcombe Mills Road, Barcombe

BN8 5BA, 01273 400110

Andy Holman

01273 401409, [email protected]

Emma Loughlin

3 Bridgelands

Barcombe BN8 5BW

07980 476435, [email protected]

Alison Mills

[email protected]

Councillors (cont)

Terry Pack

Grantham House

Grantham Bank

Barcombe BN8 5DJ

01273 400654, [email protected]

Dilys Skan

Langham Cottage

Spithurst Road, Barcombe

BN8 5EG, [email protected]

01273 400349

Graham Smith

[email protected]

James Stewart

20 Weald View, Barcombe

BN8 5AZ, [email protected]

07885 239741

Mark Stroude

[email protected]