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  • The Recreation Ground is a public facility, owned and managed by the Parish Council. It is available for all to use...apart from any area that's been pre-booked for a sport or event
  • Booking allows exclusive use of an area, but only for the time specified when the reservation is made
  • You can book the Sports Pavilion, the Upper Recreation Ground and the Lower Recreation Ground. Please see this map.
  • Organisers may not charge an entry fee for any event held in the Sports Pavilion or on the recreation grounds
  • Facility hire is subject to our Terms and Conditions (below).

Terms and Conditions

Things to know

  • A booking can't be made without a password
  • A password will be sent to you when you register
  • That password can be reused. It just allows access to the system
  • When you register, your name, email address and a contact phone number will be needed.


CLUBS are charged an annual fee for the use of facilities.

PRIVATE HIRE CHARGES for the Sports Pavilion are £15.00 for the first hour, then £10.00/hr subsequently.

Please contact us if you need more information.

The minimum booking period is one hour.


The Parish Clerk will send an invoice to the individual registered to use BPC's e-booking service.

Please email us regarding payment or any other booking matter

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