Barcombe Stores

Community purchase bid


THE campaign begins

Village Hall, Sunday 5th March 2017

What happened?

Initial options for purchase of the shop/flat were presented by Raphie Kaplinsky (Chair), Chris Arbenz, Nick Lear, Bill Nicholson and Nigel Saxby.


If enough money is pledged, the next step will decide a financial model for participants. Equally important is the need to find a tenant for the shop premises: it won't be sold unless one is in place.

A packed and attentive audience asked a range of questions. Here's a sample:

  • Are grants available? If so, which?
  • Who valued the shop?
  • Is initial working capital needed?
  • What about fittings and stock?
  • Can the shop be declared a community asset?
  • If shares feature, can they be transferred?
  • What about crowd funding?
  • Can an estate agent help in finding a shop tenant?
  • Can an incoming tenant do as he/she wants?
  • Who pays for repairs?
  • Can a new shopkeeper decide what to stock and what to alter?
  • Will a management team - if one is involved - play a part in day to day decisions?
  • How about a system where customers buy credits which can only be used in the shop? (A 'Lewes Pound' equivalent)
  • Could ownership of a share stay with the house as an attraction to new buyers
  • Will investors get a return?
  • If a fund accrues from rent, how will it be used?
  • Could the shop be run as a charity?
  • Could it be a community shop, employing a manager and staffed by volunteers?
  • Are rates payable on shop premises?

The presenters gave answers where possible; otherwise they noted the question for investigation later.


Date to be announced shortly - please check back