Legal Matters

Accounts, privacy, etc

Statutory and other information

Documents below include the Parish Council's annual accounts, the procedure in case of a complaint and this site's Privacy Policy.

General Policies

The Parish Council's policy in various subject areas. Click any link below to view or download the file.

Computer Use and Care

Retention of Documents

Specific Policies

The range of information available from and about the Parish Council, and how to get it.

How to make a formal complaint against the Parish Council's procedures or administration.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy includes details of how Barcombe Parish Council handles your personal information, plus a section on the way web cookies are used on this site.

Accessibility Statement

Our Accessibility Statement defines our policy on website accessibility. It includes advice on software (via an external link) and how to report problems.


The Parish Council's audited accounts for the 2017/2018 financial year are available to download (right).

Note: The file is not editable

The Accounting and Governance Statements for 2018/19 are available for download (right).

For the Notice of Conclusion of Audit and details of how to obtain copies of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return, click right.

For the the External Auditor's Report and Certificate, click right.

Financial Regulations

Adopted by Barcombe Parish Council during 2018