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Parish Council meetings


Generally 7.15pm on the second Wednesday in every month.

  • The Parish Council aims to meet on the second Wednesday of each month, all through the year. Dates can change depending on (for example) the availability of the Clerk. Very occasionally an emergency meeting may be called, to deal with business that must be discussed but can't wait until the next scheduled meeting.
  • Meetings usually have two parts. One covers Planning matters, the other all remaining PC business. Planning is dealt with first, starting at 7.15pm.The main part follows, usually at 7.30pm.
  • Please check the relevant Agenda(s) beforehand in case of a change of time or venue. These are posted on the PC's notice board at the High Street car park, and on this website - see links below.

The Sports Pavilion on the recreation ground - see 'Meeting venues' button.

  • If this is not available, meetings move to either St Francis' Church in the High Street or to the Village Hall. The Agenda(s) will show any venue change.